Mountain cycle racing

The 1st mountain biking world cup series occurred in 1991. mountain bike racing Its nine-race tour covered two continents, Europe along with North America, and was sponsored by Grundig. In 1992, the Grundig-UCI world cup circuit lengthened to 10 races, as well as remained a trans-Atlantic series. Cross-country racing was the only world cup sport right now, then in 1993 a six-event downhill world cup was launched. In 1996, cross-country mountain biking events had been added to the Olympic Games.

There are many mountain bike racing races designed for mountain bicycle racers. They are: Cross-country (XC) racing is held on a mixed terrain circuit, it is generally in the region of 6-8 kilometers (km) plus is actually a massed-start race.

Short Track Cross Country (STXC). An exceedingly brief XC method event of approximately 800m in distance end to end but generally approximately 1 minute 30 seconds in winning time.

Downhill (DH) racing is a time trial event. Riders get going at intervals which can mountain bike racing differ from 30 seconds to 3 minutes depending on the stage along the competition

Super D (SD) is a blend of cross-country plus downhill. A lot of the contest is downhill, on trails similar to the downhill segment of a cross-country race. You can also get short (100–500m) ascending sections that make the use of downhill bicycles demanding,

Freeride (FR) competitions aren't so much a race as there're a contest of expertise. Courses contain untrustworthy cliffs, drops, obstacles, and ramps.

Dual Slalom (DS) can be described as ski-inspired event which pits two riders aligned with each other on 2 identical man-made tracks side-by-side using the same jumps as well as berms,

(4X, also known as 'mountain cross' or 'bikercross') inspired by the dual format and by BMX racing, this result pits four riders on an identical track from opening gates to finish.

Marathon (XCM) is maybe the toughest type of mountain biking for the reason that riders regularly have to cover more than 80 km in one race on mountaineous ground.

Enduro (ND) is a comparatively new format which seems to have taken a little inspiration from both vehicle rally in addition to motorbike enduro racing. Mountain bike enduro is actually the aggressive segment.

Stage Races comprises several races - 'stages' - ridden in a row, typically over a period of several days.

Races are held for every age groups plus levels. Beginner races are less pressured, and you'll always begin further back in the field if it is your first time

This depends on the individual nevertheless as these races are commonly less than two hours, meals are not subsequently essential. Have a very good meal and drink before hand, though. An power bar should do it to the race. Water depends upon the person along with the climate. Simply don't overdo it. Hauling a gallon of water is going to make you need a gallon of water, therefore make an effort to attain a balance.

In conclusion Mountain Bike Racing seriously isn't for those faint hearted. This are a lot more than just a day out on your Mountain Bike. Therefore get in shape, go to a number of races, get famalier with what is happening. Grasp the topography plus I know you'll like the people...